Key Objective

Tracking and knowing the extent and severity of the pest is essential to a long-term sustainable management plan.

Industry Roadmap

The Alberta crop sector value chain is working together on a roadmap that promotes a total management strategy aimed at mitigating the spread of Fusarium Graminearum. Our roadmap puts an emphasis on extension and education of best management practices, surveillance and monitoring, and research and development.

How we will get there?

Strategic tactics will guide our path forward with the goal of ensuring you have the resources, information and support you need to manage FHB on your farm while fostering long-term mitigation of FHB in the province.


Municipal Districts and Counties in conjunction with the seed processing industry can play a role in reinforcing the value of planting high quality seed.

The post-regulatory environment improves access to combined data from seed labs to map infection levels throughout Alberta.

The Alberta Wheat Commission partnered with experts at Alberta Climate Information Services (ACIS), Agriculture and Forestry, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to provide this tool to Alberta wheat growers. This valuable tool supports the implementation of best management practices.

Develop a reporting system that can be mapped and provide farmers with close to real-time disease surveillance models. Province-wide deregulation will encourage honest and transparent reporting.

Collect data from end users including the malt industry, feed industry, millers and the Canadian Grain Commission to measure the success of BMPs.