Key Objective

Employ a total management outreach program utilizing all of the best management practices and tools in the Fusarium Mitigation and Management Plan.

Industry Roadmap

The Alberta crop sector value chain is working together on a roadmap that promotes a total management strategy aimed at mitigating the spread of Fusarium Graminearum. Our roadmap puts an emphasis on extension and education of best management practices, surveillance and monitoring, and research and development.

How we will get there?

Strategic tactics will guide our path forward with the goal of ensuring you have the resources, information and support you need to manage FHB on your farm while fostering long-term mitigation of FHB in the province.


This local disease infection risk tool enables farmers to remotely view hourly updates on FHB disease severity for their location. Risk is based on a seven-day history of rain, temperature and humidity.

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By working with ag service boards, we can build locally-appropriate strategies directed at FHB management in Alberta. These strategies support education, extension and communications activities at a local level based on regional conditions.

With engagement from Fusarium Action Committee members, the goal is to produce a minimum of three workshops in the province that could take place at the following events:

  • Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties AGM
  • Agriculture Fieldmen Meetings and AGMs
  • Farmer meetings through the crop commissions
  • FarmTech
  • Alberta Institute of Agrologists meeting
  • Applied Research Association meetings and field days
  • Industry training or meetings

In collaborating with grain buyers, we can publicize fusarium damaged kernel levels that have an economic impact to growers, especially in areas where fusarium is not commonly found.
Maximum FHB levels are standardized by the Canadian Grain Commission in wheat for each class.